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The game SURRENDER represents a strategy and military war game of the 21th century, based on the tactics and logistics from the battlefield. It’s an international dispute, a global warfare, a battle between two armies, a representation of a real life situation, according to a set of rules. You, an experienced general of the armies, have under your command a 24 army divisions covering the most known types of army units a 21th century modern army would have:

(press on the images to see how they move and attack)

infantryimage026 Home  , commando special forces unitsimage028 Home  , highly maneuverable helicopters image030 Home , navy fleetnavy Home  , mobile heavy artillery battalions image032 Home , stealth bombersbombers Home  , stealth hunting planesfight planes Home  , nuclear subs submarines Home and the military headquartersimage034 Home  where all the tactics, logistics and planning are carried out, where all the commanding generals are located. Its function is to ensure the logistical support to front line troops. The game aims to capture the whole possible scenario of a modern warfare, to maintain the ratio between different types of land form areas, between different types of army division and their fire power range, their velocity, their relationship with the land form, the impact of different geographic land formation and climate on their movement capacity and speed. Basically the SURRENDER game makes a purpose of simulating the scenarios of world’s famous modern battles and where they took place.

The goal of the game

The goal it’s pretty simple: to annihilate your opponent by capturing the headquarters of commanding general and forcing him to surrender, to capitulate. This is done by blocking the opponent commanding piece HQimage034 Home  in the line of fire from any direction, thus he has to capitulate so it is forced to surrender (catching it in the line of fire by any direction, without the possibility of escaping or blocking the attack with other army unit).

There are no casualties in this war, only the capturing of enemy’s forces due to the lack of intuition, training ,inspiration and knowledge of strategic modern warfare from the commanding generals, that’s you the player; there are no civilians involved in this war, only trained paid soldier and warriors, and no casualties, only prisoners. Maybe someday if there is going to be a war, this would be the way to settle it.

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tabla scara cu piese cu detalii 900 Home